What you would experience working at Health & Cookware Connect

A career with us means that there is no limit on what you can do! Unlike a nine-to-five job, you work at your own pace and you determine the income you wish to earn. We are all about flexibility and of course you will enjoy the benefits of being your own boss. You will also experience learning new business skills that will help you in all areas of your life. You are continuously learning and developing and improving skills such as time management, speaking skills, presentation skills, coaching, customer service, money management and sales techniques. Most importantly, you will definitely experience a surge of self-confidence. Your self-esteem, believing in yourself, patience and being an encourager are all positive changes you will experience.

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As part of the team, you can inspire the kind of cooking that makes life better. Customers are introduced to premium kitchen products that ignite their passion for cooking and you will discover a career path that opens doors to unlimited opportunities within the business.


Your Saladmaster career starts with an engaging and comprehensive training program. This is where you’ll be immersed in the fundamentals of the Saladmaster business, like lead generation, overcoming objections – even dealership management. You also receive valuable sales tools to strengthen your presentation skills. Your Saladmaster mentors are available to give advice and share best practices along the way.

The initial investment to join Saladmaster is minimal — especially when compared to the expensive up-front costs of other businesses, like franchising.

The beauty of working with Saladmaster is you may work as little or as much as you want depending on your needs and your goals. To give you a context of the time an average consultant devotes, consider that holding two cooking shows is the equivalent of working approximately eight-hours.

The recommended career path allows you to advance at a pace that fits your style. You’ll also have access to mentors and colleagues who will help you make decisions as you advance. It’s your career — you decide what you want it to be.

Saladmaster offers a comprehensive training program that will equip you with the knowledge and business tools you’ll need to be successful. This includes our exclusive business management portal, hands-on demonstrations, and a virtual training library that teaches you key aspects of the Saladmaster business. You’ll also receive sales and marketing collateral to support your business needs.