Since its humble beginnings in 1946 to the leader in cookware innovation, Saladmaster has been changing lives one healthy meal at a time, through its healthy cooking system. The Saladmaster brand is one of the most trusted brands worldwide and offers quality products and services. Our founder Harry Lemmons started the company with a simple salad cutting machine – The Saladmaster Food Processor. 

Is There a Connection Between Our Health and Our Cookware?

This has been an ongoing question for decades. We know that what we eat greatly affects our health. More importantly, how we prepare our food, the nutritional value lost during the cooking process and what cookware we use to cook our food in is of great importance. We may choose to eat unprocessed and organic foods but do we pay any attention to how we prepare and how we cook our food? The market is flooded with different types of cookware and a lot, if not all, of these cookware is toxic as it can leach out dangerous chemicals and heavy metals that can accumulate in the body.

So what cookware is best to use?

It is a known that Titanium Cookware is the best cookware as its non-reactive, non-toxic and does not leach out any chemicals. And cooking in 316 Titanium cookware maintains maximum nutrition in the everyday foods we eat. The added benefits of 316 Titanium are that it is highly durable, highly resistant to scratch and will not rust.

Why use Saladmaster 316 Titanium Cookware?

Saladmaster is leading the movement back to healthy home cooking and is passionate about changing the life of everyone they meet. Saladmaster helps people enjoy a healthier lifestyle in order to Look better! Feel better! And Live better by simply reducing the fats & oils in our diet and by maximizing the nutrition in the everyday food we eat.

A holistic approach is taken when using Saladmaster 316Ti Cookware to preventing lifestyle disease. Saladmaster products are designed to help families steer away from lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, heart related problems and many more. Cooking in Saladmaster protects the integrity of the food, it is safe & easy to use, has a lifetime warranty and it can be said that it’s like having a chef in your home 24/7. A brilliant investment for you and your family.

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Your Health Our Priority

Our Core Values


Caring for your health goes beyond the nutritious choices and daily exercises. It also extends to the cookware we use, the materials it is made from and the actual construction process. You may put a great deal of thought into which ingredients you cook with, but you might not be paying as much attention to the materials behind the pots and pans you have on hand. Cooking in toxic cookware can cause health problems.


We are passionate about what we do and changing the life of everyone we meet. We help people enjoy a healthier lifestyle in order to Look better! Feel better! And Live better. We do this simply by reducing the fats & oils in your diet and by maximizing the nutrition in the everyday food you eat using our very specialist healthy cooking system. We take a holistic approach to preventing and reversing disease and offer products that helps treat you and not your condition. Our products are designed to help families steer away from lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, heart related problems and many more.

An Experience Worth Sharing

Food is what brings family and friends together. Enhancing the experience of cooking and gaining a deeper understanding and respect for nutrition is what we at Health & Cookware Connect share with our customers.

So do book a complimentary experience with us where you and the family can enjoy food cooked in luxury cookware in its purest form. We cook with no water, no fats, no oils maintaining maximum nutrition and the food that is full of flavour.

Your Health our Priority

Monica’s Story

Monica was raised in environment of home cooked meals and being South African embraced the community environment. Every day was a home cooked meal either around the table, family braais or even sitting around an open fire cooking a potjie kos. It was simply a family affair. Listening to music, dancing in the kitchen and the coming together to cook & enjoy a meal was what inspired her to learn to cook from a young age.

Having worked in a corporate industry, it was not an easy decision for her to change her career and venture into the Health & Nutrition Industry. As any single parent, the freedom and flexibility to work from home, create a business and enjoy family time was attractive to her.

Monica was introduced to Saladmaster 316 Titanium Cookware since 2012 and although she was encouraged to join the business then it was not until 2019 that she decided to give it a go. However, the dreaded COVID lockdown happened. The importance of a health, lifestyle, sustainability, studying more on health and nutrition perked her interest. Being at home during this period, cooking more, experimenting with food and bringing food and flavours from all around the world and making it her own. Most importantly, Monica became more educated on toxicity of heavy metals entering the food and by using Saladmaster cookware she learnt about nutrient preservation and food integrity in the process.

So, although in a world divided by divorce, single parenting, changing careers and other challenges her relentless passion for life, family, cooking & sustaining a healthy lifestyle is ongoing. A sensational cook still standing strong.

PS. She enjoys the outdoors too :)